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JVM Advent Calendar – back in business

This is the first post of the JVM Advent Calendar  for this year, so we will present you the summary of everything that happened and will happen.

It was definitely an interesting year for all of us in the Java community. This year java turned 22 years old and the Java Advent Calendar starts its 5th year. JDK reached its 9th version and we finally have modules. The naming scheme changed again and then changed back again. The last years brought to this space 125 articles, written by 39 contributors and more than 1M users. After skipping one year, we are back in business.

This year we will bring you an article every other day from December 1st to December 24th.  We prefer to bring less articles, but keep the quality of the content. Everything is made possible by the big hearts and minds of our contributors and collaborators. Thank you for making everything a reality.

As you observed we started referring to the calendar as the JVM Advent Calendar, as the ecosystem is more than just the Java language so as we have articles about kotlin and previously we had also about scala, akka, jython and much more we went and adapted the naming as well.

So we will have some really nice things under he java Christmas tree: there are interviews, mathematical things, cloud, spring, JPA, hibernate. We have parsers, DevOps, lambdas, Kotlin and functional, testing and other nice things. So just make sure you have your eyes on us, cause if you were a good girl or boy…there is something for you here.

Unfortunately at this moment the content from previous years it is offline. We will first make sure that the content of this year is available. Next we will repost the archives from previous years.

Links to the articles can be found also on our facebook page, twitter handle or g+  and starting from this year there is a new home for chatty people on gitter. I hope you enjoy the content and feel free to reach us on any channel.

Author: olimpiu pop

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