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An apology

I’m deeply, truly sorry everyone. I let you all down. I promised you all a great JVM advent, and not only did I fail to write my own article(s) – like last year – I also failed to give the support needed to others to publish their articles. I f*** up royally.

I beg your forgiveness and help: I’ve become disconnected from the JVM world as of late and also busy with life. As such I’m asking you: could you please take over the “running” of JVM Advent from me? It’s a good resource and it would be a shame to let it die just because of my incompetence. I’m happy to continue to pay for the domain and/or hosting but – as experience shows – I can’t dedicate the time it would deserve to coordinating with authors. If you are interested, please contact me at dify.ltd@gmail.com.

To end on a happier note: most advent calendars had better stewards than me, so there were quite a lot successful initiatives this year:

Happy holidays everyone and looking forward to a better new year!

Author: Attila-Mihály Balázs

A programmer journeyman who appreciates working in great teams to deliver good fit solutions to customers.

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