JVM Advent

The JVM Programming Advent Calendar

ACRUMEN: What is “software quality” anyway?!

Using Postgres as a Message Queue

WebAssembly for the Java Geek

JVM Hello World

Elasticsearch Internals

How to Tackle the Pyramid of Quality in the Real World

Securing Java for the Community

Asynchronous Functional Web Server in Kotlin

Groovy and Data Science

The Power of Two Rings – Another View onto Developer Productivity

Components of Cloud Native Java

Elasticsearch 8x latest and greatest

How I got rid of YAML in GitHub’s CI

6 Actions to take Your Developer Career Beyond Senior Level

Actors and Virtual Threads, a match made in heaven?

Property-based testing with Kotlin and Kotest

The Art and Benefits of Computing Eventfully

JavaDoc Code Snippets and Friends

A Sneak Peek at The Java Performance Toolbox

Exceptions in Java Lambdas

A new Spring Security authorization server

Don’t remove the API


A tale of two cities: how blocking calls are treated?

How a service virtualization approach can save your and others’ time playing with mocks

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