JVM Advent

The JVM Programming Advent Calendar

Another two years in the life of AI, ML, DL and Java

Exceptions and Streams

Merry Chistmas and Happy Fallback with MicroProfile

Confusing Java Strings

How to Inspire the Next Generation of Java Developers?


Light up your Christmas lights with Java and Raspberry Pi

Reactive OBSERVABLES and CREATING operators

Impress your family during the Christmas dinner with JHipster magic

Seeing Escape Analysis Working

Composable Microservices with Http4k and Quarkus.io

Fly like a rocket with Helidon

Live Programming with the GraalVM, the LSP, and VS Code

Increase your Yearly Income as a Java Developer

Pentesting Java applications

Java 2077

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Containerizing Java Apps

Helping Santa Claus with a Spring Boot microservice

Resilient applications with Spring and Resilience4J

How to Keep Elasticsearch in Sync with Relational Databases?

New Year’s Resolution: Be a Good API Citizen

Project Loom and Structured Concurrency

4 Ways to convert Date to LocalDate in Java

How to debug dependency conflicts in Maven and Gradle

Bringing back developer joy.

Welcome to Java Advent 2020

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