JVM Advent

The JVM Programming Advent Calendar

A zero dependency Wasm runtime for the JVM

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Beyond the Basics: Elevating Java String Handling with Custom Template Processors

What Developers Can Expect in JDK 22

Java and the AI Frontier: Leveraging Modern Tools and Techniques for Machine Learning

The JCP Celebrates 25 Years of Community Collaboration

Hidden Treasures of Eclipse Collections 2023 Edition

Scripting Quarkus AI with Large Language Models

I see events everywhere; who will organize them?

5 years in Spring, yet certification taught me this

My First Compiler

Assert with Grace: Custom Assertions for Cleaner Code

AI orchestration with Semantic Kernel

Twelve Days of Pattern Matching

Production-Grade Kubernetes for Java Developers

Jupyter Notebooks and Java?

Mastering Spring Security integration testing for your apps

Free enterprise search with OpenSearch

Making data transformation easy with MapStruct

My Final Take on Gradle (vs. Maven)

A Return to WebAssembly for the Java Geek

How Not to Measure Elapsed Time in Java

Wrapping up the year with powerful Java language features

How Not to Get Coal in Your Java Stocking: A Developer’s Guide to Secure Coding

Multicloud Communication for Kubernetes – But with Applications in Charge

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