JVM Advent 2018

The JVM Programming Advent Calendar

Java Is Still Free

Hidden Treasures of Eclipse Collections

Batch Updates in Java Persistence Technologies

WTF Connection pools

Default methods in Java 8, and what it changes in API design

19 Lessons in a Kata

Security Enhancements in JDK 9, 10 and 11

Java Security Animated

API Design of Eclipse Collections

Apache Zeppelin: stairway to notes* haven!

Five Golden Backticks

Coder’s Little Helper

Building monorepo projects with Gradle

How to write a Clojure application: a complete tutorial

Two years in the life of AI, ML, DL and Java

Comparing Kotlin performance with Graal and C2

JDPR – Java Data Protection Recommendations

Docker and the JVM

How to map PostgreSQL Enums to JPA entity properties using Hibernate

Dynamic casting in Java

JCP.Next: Streamlining the JCP Program

Give Me a break, or: How to Make Awesome Puzzlers with Java 12

Serverless, Java and FN Project, first steps

Another year, another Java advent calendar

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