JVM Advent

The JVM Programming Advent Calendar

Getting started with GraalVM

Exploring NLP concepts using Apache OpenNLP inside a Java-enabled Jupyter notebook

R2DBC – Reactive relational database connectivity

Mutation Testing

Exploring NLP concepts using Apache OpenNLP

Intro to Micronaut

A beginner’s guide to Java agents

OpenJDK 11, tools of the trade

Applying NLP in Java, all from the command-line

Elasticsearch SQL

How to do Deep Learning for Java?

How to ally

Running Apache Zeppelin on the cloud

Popular frameworks for big data processing in Java

Project Valhalla: fast and furious java

The best way to prevent Java Persistence and Hibernate performance issues

Running your JuPyTeR notebooks on the cloud

To be a better developer, develop better skills

JavaFX – Not Dead Yet (aka. The Definitive Guide to Modern Java Clients with JavaFX)

Project loom

Hidden Treasures of Eclipse collections – 2019 edition

Smalltalk with the GraalVM

Take control of your slow producers with READ-BEHIND CACHE

How to build Graal-enabled JDK8 on CircleCI?

Measuring Time: From Java to Kernel and back

Celebrating 20 Years of Java Community Collaboration

How Open Source saved WebStart – A Christmas Carol

What I learned about Quarkus in two months.

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