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Hello everybody,
I meet with excitement this time of the year and the 2014 edition of the Java Advent Calendar. Unfortunately, this year’s schedule will suffer delay’s and we we apologize for this, but rest assured that the content and the posters will be at the high level everybody is already used to. So, the next post of the series will be posted somewhere by the end of this week, and from this point on we hope everything will go on as expected. 
I am quite excited by the posters line up, some of them being already veterans of this project (they posted in every other edition of the calendar), others are for the first time with us, but rest assured the topics are interesting and quite varied. I will not spoil the surprise, but let me just say this: Christmas will be met in a traditional fashion.
I hope you will enjoy this year’s series of articles and once more I apologize for the delay.
I wish you a peaceful and happy Advent time!

Author: gpanther

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