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Thank you all for the Java flavored advent of 2012!

Thank you everybody!

This concludes the series of posts for this years Java Advent Calendar. Thank you everybody for writing, reading and commenting on the articles. Thanks to Transylvania JUG for proving the inspiration for this project and a big thank you to all the contributors:

Below you can find a calendar of all our articles. Until next December!

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 (Re)Start me up!
2 Java Management Extensions 3 Multi-threading in Java Swing with SwingWorker 4 Java 7 – The Language Grows Up 5 JAX-RS Bean Validation Error Message Internationalization 6 Quercus on Google App Engine – 2.0 7 Hand and Finger Detection using JavaCV 8 Of Hacking Enums and Modifying “final static” Fields
9 Changes to String.substring in Java 7 10 Java EE 6 Web Profile. On the cloud. Easy. 11 Using Builder Pattern in JUnit tests 12 Escaping from the JVM heap for memory intensive applications 13 Java Sound – Make A Noise 14 Functional Java collections 15 AChartEngine – A Charting Library for Android Applications
16 Cleaning Up After Yourself – Java Style 17 Java – far sight look at JDK 8 18
19 Java Runtime options 20 Ensuring the order of execution for tasks 21
JVM Classloaders
Pleading for Java
22 Weak, Weaker, Weakest
23 Waiting for the right moment 24 Java – The 2012 Review and Future Predictions

Update: Here is a nice advent calendar about numbers. See you in a year!

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  1. Alexander Turner December 27, 2012

    Love it! Thanks so much for bringing this focus for the Java community.

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