The plan is coming together!

Thank you all for your incredible support! These have been an incredible few days! We have a growing number of subscribers and interest from many high-quality authors to publish on the site. Thank you all – again!

I also would like to thank DZone who joined the cause of creating the Java Advent Calendar.

DZone logo

We can’t rest on our laurels however! So here is a more detailed plan for the next couple of days:

  • We still need authors! Want to write one post? Contact me – or if you have a friend who would enjoy writing an article, urge her/him to contact me.
  • Stretch goal: get one author from every continent!
  • We are now social (thanks to Marco for the suggestion)! Follow/share the blog on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook!

Four more days to the first article!

System.out.println(“Hello World!”)

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